Crazy Rushing Ball

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Crazy Rushing Ball

Crazy Rushing Ball

What’s interesting about Crazy Rushing Ball?

This game is called ‘crazy’ for a reason. Here you’ll engage in an exciting, high-intensity race in which you will take control of a bouncy ball. Hit all the boosts to go faster than all of your opponents.

The speed will be super fast as progressing.

Click START and experience now!

How to Play?

In Crazy Rushing Ball, you’re a bouncy ball, dashing side to side on an endless track full of obstacles and traps. The speed will increase faster than ever, so be skillful. Sneak your way past your opponents, hit jumps, boosts (little yellow lines) and power-ups, and whatever you do to remain the first place.

With more speed comes more danger, so make sure to have an eye on the obstacles ahead. Don’t smack into a wall! You can crash into crates and shiny loots on the track to earn all kinds of bonuses.

When finishing the game, you’ll get a chance to spin the lottery wheel. You can buy more skins for your ball – be cool even from the back!


  • A high-intensity racing game
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Multiple awesome skins and power-ups to unlock
  • Lottery wheel is available
  • Super fast speed

Release Date:

This game was released on October 19, 2019.


Play Crazy Rushing Ball for free on any of your browsers.


Aslam Badoy developed Crazy Rushing Ball.


Guide the ball with your left mouse.


From this moment, it will begin a crazy competition rushing balls!

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