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Deadly Ball 3D

Deadly Ball 3D

Here comes Deadly Ball 3D, another skill game from our collection!

You can’t miss out this if you’re a big fan of challenging ball and maze games. As soon as tapping START, your mission is to guide a shiny ball to run through a course of obstacles and reach the finish line safely.

A lot of cool things will be unlocked at each level, so prepare yourself.

This game will surely test your eye and hand coordination.

How to Play?

In this dodge ball genre game, you will take control of a ball. All you need is to roll it on a neon rail skillfully to avoid red spikes. Nothing is easy here because you’re going to face a bunch of mazes and traps. Try to collect yellow crystals along the way for extra points which later can be used to unlock and purchase new balls.

There will be dozens of stages to challenge yourself. As you progress, the track will get trickier and longer. You’ll find a total of 10 different neon balls to switch and 4 different track styles to explore. You’ll also get rewarded a free gift every four hours.

Will you be able to complete all the levels with a perfect score?


  • Plenty of balls and roads to choose
  • Nerve-racking obstacles and exciting twists
  • 3D awesome graphics and designs
  • Fast-paced gameplay with colorful effects

Release Date:

This game was released on January 21, 2020.


Play Deadly Ball 3D for free on any of your browsers.


­GameApp studio developed Deadly Ball 3D.


Move the ball with the left mouse or arrows.


Will you be able to beat all the levels in Deadly Ball 3D?

Challenge yourself now!

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