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Box Tower

Box Tower

Challenge yourself in Box Tower!

​Click PLAY and stop the falling blocks so that they stay perfectly on top of each other. The ultimate goal is to stack as many blocks as possible to build the highest tower! Be careful or these 3D boxes will get smaller and smaller. Don’t let any part of the box peeking over!

Play it now and find out how far you can make it!

How to Play?

Time to put your accuracy and speed to the test!

In this puzzle game, you have to stack the blocks as accurately as possible to build the tallest tower and beat your own record. Timing is the key element here! When you click at the wrong time, the new block won’t perfectly line up with other blocks blow, and part of the tower shape will be cut off. This makes stacking the next ones difficult, as the tower is narrower.

It will become thinner and thinner if you keep tapping at the wrong time. Stop each block at the exact moment and try to avoid breaking the block into smaller pieces. Feel the rhythm and keep building the tower as high as you can!


  • Easy to play yet very challenging at the same time
  • Simple and beautiful graphics
  • Fun for all ages

Release Date:

This game was released on April 1, 2018.


You can play it on both desktop and mobile.


Code This Lab developed Box Tower.


Stack up the boxes with the mouse only.


Go for it and let us know how well you do.

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