Bouncy Race 3D

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Bouncy Race 3D

Bouncy Race 3D

Welcome to the amazing 3D racing tournament in Bouncy Race 3D!

Set foot to a running competition in which you need to compete against other competitors and reach the finish line. Make use of power-ups and a bouncy trampoline to be the last man standing in the race.

Keep running and avoid moving objects or obstacles on the track. Make sure to collect power-ups to increase your speed and defeat dangerous opponents.

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How to Play?

As soon as the race starts, you must try to be ahead of your rivals. Keep running as fast as possible and don’t make any sudden pause. In order to run at the fastest pace, simply give your character a push.

Look, there are some objects ahead! Dodge them all, or they can slow down your speed. The best part here is that you will occasionally find trampolines on which you can jump to push your character ahead of many other rivals.

Collect the power-ups to gain extra speed.

Move your character strategically, and it’s a must to land back on the podium after bouncing off the trampolines.


  • Featuring fun trampolines to bounce
  • Many challenging tracks to unlock
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Intuitive controls

Release Date:

It was published on November 22, 2021.


You can play Bouncy Race 3D on web browser and phone.


Tarek Mongy developed this game.


Use the left mouse button, AD, or left and right key arrows to move left and right.


Race through all the way and be the first person reaching the finish in the competition!

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