60 Second Burger Run

60 Second Burger Run

Can you finish something within 60 seconds?

If the answer is yes, then I dare you to take the challenge in 60 Second Burger Run, a coolmath platforming puzzler fun to play with.

In this game, you are a chubby man very hungry at the certain time. The primary objective here is to reach your favorite burger restaurant in exactly one minute, no less or more.

Be confident with this quest?

Learn more about the game before testing your skills with Slope Game.


  • Cool music
  • Exciting levels and gameplay
  • Easy controls


Know what?

Your favorite burger restaurant is closing in 60 seconds – this means you have a very short time to get to the burger stand. As there’s no time for thinking, you’d better start running now!

Reaching the final location is not as easy as you thought because you must work through a complex maze.

Just run and never look back, or the quest will fail.

In case you don’t win the challenge, then get ready to be hungry all night.

Not many levels in the game, so you can finish soon. In each stage, your goal is to reach the bus stop as soon as possible. The adventure is long but the time is extremely short; therefore, you have to try you best not to waste 60 seconds. The protagonist will be upset if he has to go back home without a yummy hamburger.

If you want to conquer the mission in 60 Second Burger Run, the key is to break blocks all the way. Take advantage of the man’s heavy weight and jump on each brick to smash it into pieces.

Is this actually beatable?

I saw this question when reading a topic about this coolmath platform puzzler on The answer is – of course the game is possible to beat; however, you may get frustrated as there are many fake bus stops which probably cost you much time, so be careful.


60 Second Burger Run is a game of

Release Date

It was added firstly on website on July 4, 2012.

The game has not much info so I couldn’t find the exact date when it was released. Since I first saw 60 Second Burger Run on Y8, I decided to give you its published date on that site.


You can play the game on a web browser.


Navigate the movement of the character with the arrow keys.


No one wants a burger in 60 minutes; it would be awesome if you can taste it now, especially if you are extremely hungry.

60 Second Burger Run is not just a simple puzzle…it is in fact a race. Put all of your effort in this race and you will attain everything at once forever.

A countdown to burger time!

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