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XRacer Game

XRacer Game

Are you ready for a real spaceship experience?

If yes, then access XRacer Game instantly and race for your life. This is a high-speed 3D endless racing game in which you need to navigate your spaceship at a break-neck speed through the ever-changing landscape.

Don’t hesitate anymore…hit PLAY button and have fun!

Things to Know about XRacer Game

You’re going to have so much fun with XRacer.

If you look for the game that can challenge your reflexes like Color Tunnel or Slope, then this is a perfect option.

What is XRacer Game about?

It takes place in Star War 3, when our Earth is invaded by alien crafts. To save this planet, the only way is to step up on a spaceship and fly through the city to dodge the enemy’s attacks. Since the jet goes at the extreme speed yet at a low height, be very careful NOT to hit any buildings ahead.

Do you see those blue circles?

Try to drive into them to earn extra points. The more credits you collect, the more cool items you can purchase in the integrated shop. As progresses, the game will become much harder. Guess what? The buildings will start moving to add more difficulty and danger to your journey. The game will stop right away if you cause any crash or fall down the ground.

To conquer this racing game, the key is to master speed and balance. Test your abilities in a variety of unique levels, find boost packs to give your spaceship a supersonic speed, and reach the top rankings in the Leaderboard.

Protect your beautiful land from the alien enemy in XRacer Game.

Let’s hold steering gear tightly and prove to other players that you’re the most skillful jet pilot ever in the universe.


  • Superb graphics quality
  • Increasing difficulty endless race
  • Incredible 3D visual effects
  • Collect power-ups for advanced boosters
  • Multicolor themes

This game is also known as VR X-Racer compatible for all mobile devices.

In the mobile version, there are two modes: Hand Mode and VR Mode.

Release Date:

Based on my research, XRacer Game was firstly published on most game sites on July 2015.


XRacer is an HTML5 game so players can enjoy it online without the need of downloading. The game uses Unity WebGL technology to bring you all stunning 3D graphics while playing on any web browser.

Of course you can play it for absolutely free.


XRacer Game is developed by IEC Corp.


Use the left and right arrows or A/D keys to navigate your spaceship.


In case you need some help playing this racing game, don’t miss the walkthrough video right below:

Fly infinitely across the map to avoid collision with the buildings. The game starts off pretty easily and then it ramps up quickly. If you trust in your reflexes, prove it so.

Have fun with X Racer!

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