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Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Are you a Queen Bee or a loser?

Queen Bee is another fun runner game where you must strive to be the most popular girl in high school and conquer the most handsome guy. Fame is hard to gain, but the pleasure of being in the spotlight is incredible. Get ready to make mean girls jealous?

Why don’t you give it a try?

Chin up and chest high, it’s time for a wonderful catwalk!

How to Play?

You need to navigate the character to move and collect all the things that make you better, such as pretty costumes, nice accessories, healthy food, diamonds, social networks, in order to become famous. In the meantime, try to avoid toxic and dirty things.

Try to avoid other students on the way, or you will bump into them and get yourself injured. Sometimes, there will be someone passing by and pick up the diamond. No need to take risk of your fame just because of some gems.

Also stay away from puddles, or you will fall and be humiliated by others.


  • Trendy 3D graphics and design
  • Diamonds for unlock new styles or characters
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple controls

Release Date:

The game was added on October 15, 2021.


Play it for free on desktop, mobile, or tablets.

Developer: is the one developed this cool game.


Use the left mouse to drag the character.


Queen Bee is a great chance for you to collect famous items and transform in to the real queen with 3D performance. Keep calm and have good time!

But, don’t leave us yet!

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