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Cool Run 3D

Cool Run 3D

Looking for some fun games where all you need is just running?

Try Cool Run 3D if you get tired from ordinary games! Here, you will participate in a running race against other virtual rivals. Once hitting the PLAY button, you will be taken to a non-standard track hanged right in the air.

Can you become the winner?

Let’s play and see!

How to Play?

Run and jump continuously on air-hanged tracks in Cool Run 3D to collect as many coins as possible in each level. Once the race starts, you need to compete against other rivals. The first person reaching the finish line will win. While moving, make sure to avoid obstacles as well. Keep an eye on steep springboards so that you can improve your result in the race.

Accumulate coins to unlock treasure chests full of surprises and purchase skins with accessories in Shop for your character.

Run fast and hit monsters in battles! Fighting!


  • Addictive running game
  • Lots of obstacles on air-floating platforms
  • Endless racing levels
  • Racing against virtual rivals
  • Coins to unlock treasure chests
  • Different skins to give your character new looks

Release Date:

This game was released on July 23, 2020.


It is available as a web browser game and playable on mobile as well.


  • Click the left mouse to run (desktop)
  • Swipe the screen to operate the character (mobile)


With simple controls and addictive gameplay, what are you waiting for?

Spend hours of fun jumping, dodging, and winning races in Cool Run 3D!

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